Lectures and Talks

Lectures and Talks

Cancer Week Ireland | Monday 24 – Sunday 30 September 2018

Make Blood Cancer Visible Patient Information Evening

As part of Blood Cancer Awareness month in September the Irish Cancer Society, CLL Ireland, Multiple Myeloma Ireland and Janssen are hosting the Make Blood Cancer Visible Patient Information Evening. ...

A Conversation About Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation is medical care that aims to reduce the troubling effects of cancer and cancer treatment so you can reach your maximum potential and live the best quality of life possible. A Conversation About Cancer Rehabilitation aims to provide practical tips and tools to people living with or beyond cancer, along with their family members, friends or carers - Leave with practical advice on how to manage troubling after-effects of cancer and its treatment!...

Cancer Research Showcase

This is a public presentation of the cancer research in the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology. Talks include: • Dr. Denis Collins – Antibody therapy in breast cancer • Dr. Fiona O’Neill – Radiation therapy in pancreatic cancer • Neil Conlon – Resistance to treatment in breast cancer • Dr. Sandra Roche – Pancreatic cancer PDX program • Dr. Alex Eustace – Translating breast cancer research to the clinic • Nicola Gaynor – Immunotherapy in breast cancer • Dr. Andrew Kellett - TBC...

Cancer Week Ireland is taking place from Monday 24 to Sunday 30 September and hopes to inspire every community to take part.

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