Cancer Survivorship

How To Live With & Survive Cancer

This section is dedicated to survivorship and living with and beyond cancer.

In every community across Ireland more people are living with cancer today than 20 years ago. Cancer survival rates are rising thanks to advances in treatment and care. Today more than 170,000 people in Ireland are living with and beyond cancer.

Being told that your treatment has been successful and you are free from cancer is wonderful news. Finishing treatment does not mean the end of your cancer journey, though. It can take some time for you to return to a more normal life and for your body and mind to recover. Here you will find information and support about coping with life after your cancer treatment.

Managing Side-Effect - Survivorship

Managing side-effects

Even after you have finished treatment for cancer you may still experience side-effects.


Staying healthy

After a cancer diagnosis, many people want to make positive changes to their lives. Taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle can be a big part of these changes. Read more about how diet and lifestyle can help you heal and recover faster and cope with the side-effects of treatment.


Dealing with practical issues

After any serious illness, people may face practical problems. Practical problems you may face include:
financial issues, returning to work,
life insurance and travel insurance.

Coping with feelings

The end of treatment is a time when people often expect to feel relieved, happy and able to get on with life again. But it isn’t unusual to feel quite low and lost, especially during the first few months.

Follow up care

When your treatment is finished, you will need regular check-ups. Depending on the type of cancer that you have had, your check-ups may continue for several years.

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