Got any ideas?

Got any ideas?

Cancer Week Ireland is about getting people talking about cancer. But that can’t happen without you. That’s why we want as many of you as possible to host your own event this Cancer Week. Go on – start a conversation!

Every great event starts with an idea. If you want to hold an event, but need some inspiration, hopefully we can help.

What do you want your event to be about?

Sure, it will be cancer-focused, but would you like to be more specific? By targeting a specific area of cancer you can give the public more information about what to expect and pique their interest ahead of the event.

When planning an event, it’s always a good idea to focus on areas that you’re interested in. If you’re lost for ideas, perhaps these thoughts will inspire you:

  • Ways to reduce your risk of cancer
  • How we can beat cancer by detecting it earlier – from screening services to noticing signs and symptoms.
  • Focusing on particular cancer type/s, or cancers which specifically affect men/women
  • Advances in cancer research
  • Supports available to cancer patients in your local community
  • How cancer survivors can live healthy, happy lives after their diagnosis
  • Inviting local cancer survivors to talk about their experiences.

Remember, your event doesn’t have to be a formal discussion. It can be anything – from a casual get together to a coffee morning, quiz or film screening.

Location, location, location

When organising a location for your event, keep it simple. Choose a place that’s easy for people to get to, and has the facilities you may need for your event (microphones, screens, etc. if needed).

Your location could be:

  • A community/parish hall
  • A local school
  • Your local library
  • Your workplace – ideal for morning events
  • Any other public spaces where people can gather.

Remember to always get the relevant permission from whoever manages the preferred location ahead of your event. If your event is not open to the general public (i.e., an in-class activity for children in your local school), please mention this in your description when registering it on

Need any more help?

If you would like any more advice or help with planning your event, drop us a line –