About Cancer Week Ireland

Monday 28 September – Sunday 4 October 2020

Ireland’s first Cancer Week took place in 2014 when the Irish Cancer Society and Trinity College Dublin teamed up to host a week-long programme of events on the theme of ‘Living with Cancer’.

This inaugural Cancer Week brought together national and international experts to discuss improvements in cancer treatments, as well as tackling the physical and emotional consequences that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

In 2015 the Cancer Week concept continued to grow and led to another successful week-long programme of events in September on the theme of cancer research and clinical trials.

In 2018 Cancer Week rolled out nationally to become Cancer Week Ireland. We want to start a national conversation about cancer and how more people are surviving as more advances are made in detection and treatment.

Cancer Week Ireland wants to inspire individuals and organisations to get involved
by hosting an event in their community or workplace.

Be part of the conversation this October.

Find out how you can take part in Cancer Week Ireland
this October and register your event here.

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