Cancer Week Ireland takes place this month!

Cancer Week Ireland takes place this month!

Cancer Week Ireland takes place this month


Cancer Week Ireland will run from 24-30 September this year. The week aims to start conversations about cancer in communities across the country, raising awareness and reducing the stigma around the disease.


Cancer Week is nothing without people like you holding events in communities, schools and workplaces around the country. Already many of you have registered your events on Cancer We encourage more of you to do so, and everyone to attend an event to show their support!


Cancer Week this year coincides with World Cancer Research Day (WCRD), which takes place on Monday, 24 September.


The organisers of WCRD are calling for global action to support cancer research. This calls for the active involvement of citizens, enterprises, institutions and leaders in diverse areas and activities to join efforts to promote research in order to reduce the number of people who develop cancer and to improve survival rates and the quality of life among cancer patients.


WCRD aims to promote faster progress to defeat cancer by coordinating research among global partners and building on the worldwide investments in cancer research.


Show your support for WCRD by holding a cancer research event and sharing the details on


You can also sign the World Declaration for Research on Cancer through the link  or follow and support the campaign in social networks using #WorldCancer.


Raising Awareness About Cancer

Cancer Week Ireland 2018 is all about raising awareness about cancer and to help make that happen there will be hundreds (and hopefully thousands!) of events held through out the country between 24 and 30 September. Be it a lecture or a cake sale, a play or a pilgrimage, or back packing session or a bungee jump we want you take part in Cancer Week this year.

How You Can Help

The Irish Cancer Society relies primarily on funding from the public and for Cancer Week we want you to help us try get the message to ever corner of Ireland – that early detection is vital and that you can survive and beat cancer. To help us get that message out we need you to host events in your community and start the conversation about cancer. The more we talk about cancer the more people will be able to detect it early and increase their odds at positive outcomes. Register your event here!

If you’re not able to host an event check and see what events are happening in your area and make sure you help support them by attending or sharing via social media. You can also support Irish Cancer Week by making an online donation and all of the proceeds will go to maintaining and improving our cancer support services.

We hope you like our new site and now that you’re hear why not check out what events are already created, create your own and do your bit to start the conversation about cancer this year!