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Cancer Week 2016 – Host an Event

Be part of the conversation this October; host a Cancer Week Ireland event in your community

Cancer Week Ireland is starting a national conversation about cancer this October. It is inspiring individuals and organisations to host Cancer Week Ireland events in communities and workplaces all across the country.

This year the overarching theme of Cancer Week Ireland is ‘New frontiers in Personalised Cancer Care’ and events can fall under four broad areas, including prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship.

Thinking of hosting your own Cancer Week Ireland event this October?

Here are some event ideas to inspire and guide you:

Reducing Cancer Risk

Host a talk about an aspect of cancer prevention, such as the following:

  1. Giving up smoking – the number one cause of cancer
  2. How being active and getting regular exercise reduces cancer risk
  3. How watching our weight and what we eat can reduce cancer risk
  4. Check out the European Code Against Cancer for more suggestions on how you can reduce cancer risk

Knowing The Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer

Host a talk about the signs and symptoms of cancer, the importance of spotting cancer as early as possible, and what do to if concerned about cancer.

My Cancer Journey

The voice of cancer survivors is central to any conversation about cancer; the personal testimonies and first-hand experience of cancer survivors is one of the most powerful and valuable ways that we can open up and talk about cancer and the many issues that this disease raises.

Mental Health & Cancer

Host a talk about the psychological supports that can help those with cancer and what supports are currently available.

Cancer Screening

Host a talk on how cancer screening works and why it is important to take part if invited for breast, cervical, or bowel cancer screening.

2016 Cancer Week – Register Your Event

If you are interested in hosting a Cancer Week Ireland event visit our Registration section where you can add your event.

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